Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Philadelphia Skyline from City Hall
Today was our day in the slightly smaller east coast city. We (Noelle, Eric, Mom, and Dad) drove through Mount Airy, some other slightly scary neighborhoods, then into Fairmount for our tour of the Eastern State Penitentiary.
Eastern State Sign
Wow! This place is amazing. From the outside it looks like a castle. Once you're inside it looks like a crumbling jail, which is essentially what it is.
Noelle in Jail
On the Winter Adventure Tour they take you into a few different cell blocks, give you some hot cocoa, and let you see Al Capone's apartment, I mean cell.
Al Capone's Cell
If you're ever in Philadelphia, get yourself to Eastern State.

After Eastern State we did some of the usual tourist fare: Comcast Center, the holiday light show at Wanamakers (Macy's). We ate lunch at Nodding Head Brewery (very good) before concluding our visit with a trip up into the City Hall Tower.
Parkway from City Hall
Noelle in City Hall
This was the highlight of our visit to Philly. Despite the fact that my mother and father had lived in the City of Brotherly Gun Violence, I mean Love, they had never before seen the view from the top of City Hall. Amazing.      

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