Sunday, June 12, 2011

Paul and Matilda Wegner Grotto

Entering Wegner Grotto

Home Sweet Home

Originally I had planned on heading over to Perrot State Park to explore the canoe trail there. Noelle and Mom didn't seem to be into the canoe idea and so we decided instead to continue on our recent theme of art environments and visit the Wegner Grotto, and interesting art environment near the town of Cataract, Wisconsin.

Of all the offbeat, concrete art gardens that we've been to in the past few weeks, I think the Wegner Grotto is my favorite. Among the features is what the locals refer to as the Glass Church,
Noelle & Glass Church

Glass Church SIde View

a small chapel of concrete adorned with broken glass.


Wedding Cake


W Star

Ashes of Amercan Flags

Bird House


Preacher Eric

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