Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden

The Gate

Last night after work Noelle, Parker and I headed down to Mom and Dad T's in Galesville. This morning Mom, Noelle and myself headed out for some adventure. Our first stop took us up Highway 35 north of Fountain City to the Prairie Moon Scuplture Garden. We learned about this place through a brochuere we found at the Concrete Park a few weeks ago. Like the Wisconsin Concrete County Park, Prairie Moon features lots of concrete statues. There is also an impressive concrete fence that runs for 260 feet along the boundary of the garden.
Fancy Fence

The sculpture park is the work of the late Herman Rusch, who was a farmer, played the fiddle for local dances and created some interesting art.
Eric & Twin

Here are some photographs of some of our favorite sculptures:
Killer Bear




Star Pole

Bear Killer

Noelle & Snake

Noelle and Sculpture

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