Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tour de Carlsbad

I've been spending a lot of time hanging around the house because you just never know when Noelle is going to go into labor and I want to be around when she does. I just had to get out out though, and so after replacing the inner tubes on my bicycle with some Slime ones I decided to take the new tubes out for a test ride. I decided to ride along the canal, like usual, but to link up with the trail that parallels the Pecos River and then ride San Jose back to the bike trail and then back home.

The ride was hot with little shade along the canal, but the ride along the river was shadier. I took the opportunity to stop at the Veteran's Memorial Park.
War Memorial
There were some new monuments and sculptures installed since my last visit.
Soldier Statues
Still, the park looks like it could use some work. From the Veteran's Memorial I rode over to San Jose Boulevard and the strange San Jose Plaza.
San Jose Plaza
I guess at one time the Carlsbad City leaders wanted to create a plaza like in Santa Fe, Taos, or Mesilla. The plaza here in Carlsbad though is poorly designed and not anywhere near the center of town where it might attract people other than vagrants and drunks. From the plaza I rode San Jose back to the bike path along the canal and up Radio to Standpipe to home.
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