Sunday, January 27, 2008

Carter Caves State Park: Crawlathon 2008

While caving used to be an adventure that Noelle and Eric would participate in quite frequently, lately it's become a once a year endeavor. This was our weekend to go caving at nearby Carter Caves State Resort Park. Noelle participated in the event as a staff member while Eric got to play and go on some cave trips for fun. He was wise this year in that he chose trips where participants stayed dry. The trips included a hike in the Tygarts Creek Gorge to three different caves, the most impressive of which is called Skyscraper Cave. In addition this trip visited a large limestone natural bridge. The second trip visited Wilburn Cave, an interesting dry crawl that reminded Eric of some of his trips into Wind Cave. Today Eric went on his final trip to the interesting stream passages of Sandy Cave. Altogether, a good weekend of adventure was had!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Snow in Kentucky (A real adventure)

Well it snowed a little bit this morning. When I say a little bit I mean a little bit. However, here in Kentucky the populace reacts to snow a little bit differently then people in most of the rest of the United States. We got a dusting and people were freaking out. Some schools have even canceled classes for tomorrow and more snow is NOT in the forecast. It's actually a bit pathetic. On the positive side it allowed the opportunity to get some nice photos of my place of work McConnell Springs Park in the snow.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Big South Fork NRRA: Charit Creek Lodge

Do you smell that? Well do you? That smell in the air, it's called adventure. To be honest we haven't smelled it too much lately, but I can detect a slight waft of it in the air. Being busy people, with both work and school, Noelle and I haven't had the chance to get out for as many adventures as we would like. However, we recently had the opportunity to make it out to the Big South Fork NRRA for my birthday for a little bit of hiking and a stay in the Charit Creek Lodge.
The stay was awesome.
We were the only ones there for the night
and the food was really good. For dinner the first night we had chicken, greens, fried sweet potatoes, corn bread, beans, and ice cream with bananas for desert. The next morning for breakfast we enjoyed pancakes, eggs, ham, and grits. Our plates were overflowing with food and I ate a lot. When we weren't eating we were hiking. We explored Pickett State Park and visited its Natural Bridge.
We also hiked to the O&W Bridge at BSF.
Overall, a great start to our adventure filled year!