Wednesday, August 8, 2012


On Monday night, Noelle and I, with some help of a few friends at work, hosted a "baby celebration" to get ready for the birth of our baby girl who is due in September. Everyone who attended was very generous, but the best part of the celebration was seeing how everyone showed up to spend time with us and celebrate the excitement with us.

We are both getting so excited to meet our little girl. It makes me wonder: What does she look like? What will her personality be like? What will she be interested in? What will she fear? A few months back when we met my parents up in Albuquerque, my mom just happened to bring along some artwork that I had made as a child. In a few years, I wonder what kind of art work my little girl will be making?
Bus, January 28, 1981
The Sea, September 12, 1981
Fruit, 1981
The Beach, May 3, 1983
Creeks Village, 1985
Cabin, 1986

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