Tuesday, April 30, 2019

International Falls Every Street Project: Day 5

I started today's 2.5 mile run from home again. Just like last time I ran to Highway 53 and turned south. This time I would run 9th Street back to Home Lane. There are some pretty run down homes on 9th Street that I ran past, including at least one that has been condemned.
It's pretty sad to see the state of some parts of town. It makes me wonder what the Falls looked like in its heyday. From Home Lane, I turned left onto 11th Street and ran that back to 6th Avenue. I turned left onto 6th and then made a quick right onto 10st Street to run the section of that road I had missed during my last run.

Monday, April 29, 2019

International Falls Every Street Project: Day 4

Went for a run in a light snow this morning. Today's route was a 2.5 mile route that took me from home over to Highway 53 south. I then turned right onto 8th Street which I ran, past a bald eagle,
to the street's end at 13th Avenue. After a right onto 13th Ave, I quickly turned left onto Beyer, then followed Wayside to Falls High School.
I turned left onto 11th Street and then made another quick left onto Home Lane. I made a left onto 10th Street, back to Wayside, then turned around to run 10th back to 6th Avenue.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

International Falls Every Street Project: Day 3

It was a sloppy day for a run. Yesterday and the previous evening, we received a substantial amount of snow. I'm not sure exactly how much, due to drifting. However, with some sun and temperatures just above freezing, there's a lot of melting going on right now. Still, I wanted to get out and go for a bit of a run.

Immediately, I noticed some bird tracks in the snow.
I believe these were made by a grackle I had seen hanging out near our home earlier in the day. I made my way west on 6th Street,
crossed over 11/71 and into a trailer park.
I ran most of the roads in the trailer park and then headed back across 11/71 to 7th Street. I ran 7th to its end at the chip pile, turned left onto 2nd Avenue, and then left again back onto 6th for the short run home. Altogether, it was a 2.39 mile run.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

International Falls Every Street Project: Day 2

Today I finally got around to continuing my "Every Street Project" here in I-Falls. Today's route took me from my front door and up 5th Avenue to 4th Street. I made a right onto 4th Street to run a section of that street that I had missed during my last run. When I got to 2nd Avenue, I ran a short section of that road to where I had run last week and then turned around. I ran past the "Welcome to Minnesota" sign on 2nd Avenue,
and then turned left onto 3rd Street, International Falls' "Main Street".

On 3rd Street I ran past the downtown shops and businesses, then passed Smoky Bear.
I continued on 3rd Street until I reached 12th Avenue, where I made a right. Then it was a quick right onto 2nd Street through a very pleasant neighborhood. I continued on 2nd Street, passing the paper mill.
I made a quick detour towards the International Bridge,
turned around and headed back to 3rd Street. From there I weaved back and forth to run on sections of street I had previously missed, passing a neat mural on 3rd Avenue outside of City Drug.
Soon enough I was back on 5th Avenue where I passed the Alano Club on my way back home.
Altogether, a run of 2.88 miles. Not bad for run #2 of my project.