Friday, September 2, 2016

Itasca State Park: Hiking Club Loop

We packed up camp this morning and headed out for some more exploring. Our ultimate destination was the 3.5 mile Hiking Club Loop. However, on the way to the trailhead we stopped at the impressive Preacher's Grove
walking into Preachers Grove
to admire the large red pine trees
walking in Preachers Grove
and view of Lake Itasca.
Lake Itasca from Preachers Grove
We then headed over to Douglas Lodge to start our hike.

Noelle, Parker and I had attempted to hike this loop before, only to be turned around by the copious mosquitoes. I was hoping that by attempting this hike later in the year, the bugs would not be as bad. The bugs were definitely not as bad as they had been last time we attempted the hike, but they were still there. The hike began on the Ozawindib Trail
Sierra and Mommyon trail
and quickly passed Lake Mary. We found a poor dead mole on the trail
dead mole
and Sierra found the first colorful leaves of fall littering the ground.
Sierra's colorful leaf

At a strange obelisk,
strange marker
we turned right to follow the Crossover Trail to the Deer Park Trail. There were several lakes to stop and admire on this stretch of trail, including Deer Park Lake
lake view 3
and Coffee Break Lake. As we looked into Coffee Break Lake,
distant lake
Sierra found a well camouflaged frog hiking among the lily pads.
Sierra's frog
While it's definitely starting to look like fall in northern Minnesota, there were still a few wildflowers in bloom along the trail.
While Sierra had hiked (and run) about 2/3 of the 3.5 mile loop, she rode in the backpack for about the final mile.
As we returned to Douglas Lodge we had collected our password and emerged from Itasca State Park victorious!

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luksky said...

When I lived in Alabama, we had moles. You could wake up on any morning and go outside and it would look like your whole yard had been recently tilled. They were hard to get rid of too.

I love Sierra holding the fall leaf. We don't have much fall in Central Texas, but it's my favorite season. Sierra is growing quickly. She's a beautiful child...which I'm sure you already know.