Sunday, January 27, 2008

Carter Caves State Park: Crawlathon 2008

While caving used to be an adventure that Noelle and Eric would participate in quite frequently, lately it's become a once a year endeavor. This was our weekend to go caving at nearby Carter Caves State Resort Park. Noelle participated in the event as a staff member while Eric got to play and go on some cave trips for fun. He was wise this year in that he chose trips where participants stayed dry. The trips included a hike in the Tygarts Creek Gorge to three different caves, the most impressive of which is called Skyscraper Cave. In addition this trip visited a large limestone natural bridge. The second trip visited Wilburn Cave, an interesting dry crawl that reminded Eric of some of his trips into Wind Cave. Today Eric went on his final trip to the interesting stream passages of Sandy Cave. Altogether, a good weekend of adventure was had!


Ranger Chris said...

Hey! I just discovered your blogs! Awesome! I look forward to reading more!

hikethemts said...

Cave on nerdos!