Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daniel Boone National Forest: Beaver Creek Wilderness & Moonshiner's Arch

Today we got to do two of our favorite things. We voted and we went on a little mini-adventure, a hiking trip into the Beaver Creek Wilderness of the Daniel Boone National Forest.
We woke up early this morning and walked down the street to our local polling station where we voted, then headed home to pack our packs for some hiking! We made it to the Three Forks of Beaver parking lot by 10 am, then hit the trail.
It was gorgeous weather for being outdoors and we enjoyed every bit of it.
This, despite the fact that some of the trails marked on our map (courtesy the US Forest Service) were non-existent. Since we couldn't find one of the trails we had intended hiking it meant we had time to make a side trip to Cumberland Falls. In addition, our third attempt at finding Moonshiner's Arch was a success. It was a nice, short walk with pleasant scenery. The arch was pretty impressive as well.
This will most likely be our last adventure until Thanksgiving. Looking forward to it!

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