Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big South Fork NRRA: Burnt Mill Loop

Today the weather took a break from the regular below freezing temps. for a well deserved warm day. Eric took advantage of the warmth by taking a drive down to the Big South Fork for some hiking and trail running. He sure is glad he did! Ended up running about 6 miles and hiking about 8, for a total of 14 miles traveled on foot. The high temperature for the day in Oneida ended up being about 66 degrees and the scenery along the Burnt Mill Loop trail were great.
Burnt Mill Bridge 2
Burnt Mill Bridge
What was especially interesting was seeing all the large icicles disintegrating before my eyes in the spring-like warmth.
It's got us in the mood for Spring and more hiking.   
Clear Fork
Looking Out of Rock Shelter

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