Friday, September 25, 2009

Custer National Forest: Slim Buttes

I felt torn this morning. One part of me wanted to explore some more, while the other part of me knew that I should get back home and get packing and cleaning. Tomorrow is my last day at Wind Cave and I want to get to Noelle as soon as I can. I really miss her. I packed up camp early and got back on the road. I decided I would at least drive through the Slim Buttes unit of Custer National Forest on my way home. Just like the Cave Hills, the Slim Buttes were pretty spectacular, especially the Castles section near Reva Gap. I now have another excuse to come back to South Dakota some day.

I stopped near the gap to take some photos and then stopped again at a historical marker that marked the site of the Battle of Slim Buttes. From there I headed south until I stopped again at Summit Pass. I admired the view there and checked out the poor porcupine who didn’t make it across the road alive. From there I headed further south into Sturgis. In Sturgis I washed and vacuumed my car. I wanted to clean it up a bit before I packed all my stuff into it. I then drove into Rapid City for lunch before heading back to good ol’ Wind Cave National Park.

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