Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jay Cooke Ski Trip

Went back to Jay Cooke State Park again. This time was different however, in that today I skied the trails instead of walking them. It was such a gorgeous day I just had to get out. I checked the trail report and the conditions at Jay Cooke were listed as "fair". The trails were listed as fair not because of lack of snow or icy conditions, but because they had not yet been groomed.

The potential for skiing some ungroomed trails excited me. I hadn't done this type of skiing before. Well the conditions were in actuality great. I think I like skiing ungroomed trails better than the groomed ones. The going is a little bit slower and it's a little bit more work, but I think it is a more satisfying experience. It is also easier to ski downhill when the trails are not groomed.

I skied the Spruce Trail Loop today under brilliant blue skies. I also skied a spur to an overlook called the High Trail. In all it was 10.6 kilometers. Pretty tough work in the powdery snow and I overdressed. I got a bit hot and sweaty much like I had spent the day in a sauna. I felt like I had accomplished something though, when the day was over.

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