Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shorts Weather!

Today was the first day that I was able to dig out the old shorts. The high temperature of 71 degrees tied the record high for March 31st in Duluth. Lucky for me, it was my short day at work. I made best of the warm temperatures by doing some much needed speed-work on the track at UW Superior.

After my track workout I headed back over into Duluth for lunch before making my way up the north shore of Lake Superior for some hiking. I decided on Split Rock Lighthouse State Park because I had not yet hiked the Hiking Club trail in the park. The hike turned out to be a nice one. It was 5.8 miles in length and took me into parts of the park that I'd never been into before.

Amongst the highlights were a visit to the point where the Split Rock River empties into Lake Superior. From there the trail wound its way along the shore of the big lake to Corundum Point. Near the point I was able to check out the remains of a long abandoned corundum mine, a mine that never actually produced any of its namesake mineral. After the mine the trail passed over Split Rock Creek (not to be confused with the Split Rock River) and then returned to the parking lot.

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