Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill

Today Noelle, Mom T., and I decided to head over to Shaker Village to check things out a bit and get some lunch as well. Noelle and I had been there before hiking and biking the trails, but we'd never explored the village itself. Well touring the buildings was certainly interesting. We walked the grounds
and went into all the buildings that were open for the winter. We also enjoyed a delicious lunch in the Winter Kitchen. The country ham, mashed potatoes, and corn pudding were delicious. However, the pies we got, chess and lemon were the best part of all.


Still Wandering said...

Whoa you guys have been living it up - birding Frankfort and now this? What they hey is that picture of on Noelle's mom's coat?
The food sounded delightful!

Eric and Noelle Grunwald said...

That is a picture of Noelle's sister Kati.

Philippines properties said...

Great place and a stunning building too. Hoping to see more photos of the place.

Paula M