Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mille Lacs Lake Area

Today I headed off to a part of the Gopher State that I'd never been to before, the Mille Lacs Lake area. My first stop was Father Hennepin State Park which is located on the southeastern coast of the lake. The park there was pleasant and I enjoyed the short hike on the Hiking Club trail before moving on.

The next stop on my tour was the Mille Lacs Indian Museum. The museum here is excellent and well worth the admission fee. If you go, be sure to check out the Four Seasons Exhibit which is part guided tour, part life size diorama. There is also a trading post that interprets that aspect of reservation life and offers some Indian-made goods for sale.

The next stop was Mille Lacs-Kathio State Park. The park is interesting in that there are several archeological sites located in it. I enjoyed checking out these sites and reading the interpretive panels about them.
I did not, however, enjoy the copious deer flies. Despite the cloud of insects that followed me as I walked, I was able to hike the 3.2 mile long Hiking Club trail before moving on to Crow Wing State Park and my campsite for the night.

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