Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mom and Dad Come to Visit!

My mom and dad are in town so today we got to explore the Duluth vicinity a little bit. We drove over to Enger Park and walked up the tower and around the park. 
Then we drove Skyline Parkway west to Grand Avenue and drove into Jay Cooke State Park. Mom and dad enjoyed seeing the St. Louis River tumble over the rocks and after leaving the park we got lunch at the Cozy.

Then we went whitewater rafting on the St. Louis. It was an interesting experience.

Much different from any other rafting trips I'd been on before in that, there was no guide in the raft with us. Instead the guides instructed us from their kayaks. We went over six sets of rapids none of which was greater than class III. I was the pilot of the raft and it was a more difficult job than one might imagine.

After returning home from rafting we freshened up a bit for a Duluth Huskies game. It was my first time in Wade Stadium. I really like the charm of the old, WPA-built stadium.

We caught the end of the first game of a double header and watched most of the second before the Mankato Moon-Dogs started to really dominate.
It was a fun experience though and to top things off it happened to be dollar dog night!

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