Sunday, November 7, 2010

Copper Falls State Park and Potato River Falls

Tyler Fork Cascades
It was a beautiful day in the Northland today, so naturally Noelle, Parker and I had to get outside to enjoy it.While we didn't make it over to Wisconsin yesterday, we did today and enjoyed our visit to the wonderful Copper Falls State Park. When we got to the trail-head for the start of our hike we unfortunately noticed signs informing us that dogs are not allowed on the trails of our intended hike. As a result we headed to a different part of the park to hike to Red Granite Falls.
Red Granite Falls
The hike was pleasant and the falls, more like large rapids, were quite interesting. After relaxing at the falls for a few minutes we headed back to the car.
 It was a round trip hike of 2.5 miles.

Brownstone Falls

Copper Falls
From there we drove back to the original trail-head. Parker had gotten some exercise and with cool temperatures we felt safe leaving him in the car, parked in the shade with the windows cracked open. The hike along the gorge of the Bad River and Tyler Fork was amazing. So far this is my favorite spot in Wisconsin. There is a deep gorge with lots of cascades and several waterfalls. We stopped at many different overlooks and checked out the many different views before completing our 1.8. mile loop on the Doughboys Trail. When we returned to the car Parker was happy to see us. 

From Copper Falls State park we headed north up state highway 169 to the Potato River and a small county park located at some falls there. Parker got to go on the short hikes to the falls overlooks. Our first hike was a long descent to the bottom of the Lower Falls.
Potato Falls
Then we had a tough hike up to the rim of the gorge where we hiked over to the Upper Falls.
Upper Potato Falls

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