Saturday, March 26, 2011

An interesting walk on Duluth's Lakewalk

Icy Light Post

Today, despite the cold and wind, Noelle and I headed out with Parker for a walk on the Lakewalk. Noelle had been down there yesterday and saw the results of the wind storm that Duluth experienced earlier in the week: ice coating some of the benches, light posts, and other structures in Canal Park. I wanted to check the icy landscape out, and so we headed to the Rose Garden where we parked to start our walk.

The wind was brisk, but as we headed towards Canal Park it was at our backs. Once we got past the Fitger's complex I could see the ice coated trees off in the distance. As we got closer the scene was quite fantastic. We found benches coated in ice.
Icy Bench

Fences covered in ice.
Icy Fence

Frosted trees.
Icy Tree

Eric even took a chilly rest on one of the benches.
Eric on Icy Bench

As we approached Canal Park we were treated not only to the frozen landscape, but to the view of a ship entering the canal and passing under the lift bridge.
Mesabi Miner Approaches the Aerial Lift Bridge

It was the Mesabi Miner and it was a our first ship viewing of the 2011-2012 season.
Noelle and the Mesabi Miner

After watching the ship pass under the bridge we turned into the wind and headed back to the car. 
Wave Remnants

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Lotti said...

just found your blog ... amazing shots of the ice on the seat and the fencing ....nice blog.