Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Carlsbad's Ocotillo Nature Trail

Happy Leap Day! We had to run a few errands today, but still Noelle and I wanted to take Parker out for at least a little hike. We opted to head over to the Ocotillo Nature Trail which is conveniently located right within Carlsbad City limits.
On the Trail with Parker
With the recent warm weather we were hoping to see some wildflowers in bloom, but the only ones in flower were the algerita.
Algerita in Bloom
Still it was nice to get out in the warm sun and enjoy a rare not-too-windy spring day in southeast New Mexico. We hiked the entire length of the trail up to the overlook of town
Eric & Parker at Overlook

and then headed back down to the car. Besides the algerita blooms I got a nice photo of some prickly pear glochids, which are little, barbed, hair-like spines.  

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