Monday, February 6, 2012

Guadalupe Mountains National Park: Pine Springs to Bush Mountain Campground

With excellent weather forecast for my days off I decided to head over to Guadalupe Mountains National Park and give the ascent of Bartlett and Shumard Peaks a try. My plan was to backpack up to Bush Mountain Campground and set up camp for an early morning attempt on the two peaks tomorrow. And so, I headed down into Texas and got my backcountry permit. The hike started out easy enough, with a gradual ascent up the Tejas Trail.
Backpacker Eric
I was making pretty good time. I turned onto the Bush Mountain Trail and soon I could see one of my objectives for tomorrow: Shumard Peak.
Shumard Peak
 A look back revealed a nice view down Pine Springs Canyon and to the desert flatlands below.
Looking Toward the Desert
I was in no hurry as I had plenty of sunlight to get to Bush Mountain Campground, so I was able to take a short nap on the trail.
I arrived in camp with plenty of time. I decided on campsite 3. 
 Bush Mountain Campsite 3
I set up camp and then took some time to look at my map and study my route for tomorrow. 
Map for Planning

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