Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lincoln National Forest: FR 5530

Nice New Mexico Sky
Finally a sunny day! While I love seeing rain in the desert, I was definitely ready for a nice day of sunshine so that I could do something outside. Noelle had a doctor's appointment this morning, so we didn't have all day for a hike, but we had enough time that we decided that we needed to get out and enjoy the perfect day.

Unfortunately our original plan, to hike Rattlesnake Canyon at Carlsbad Caverns National Park did not work out due to the Loop Road being closed. Instead we decided to head into Lincoln National Forest to hike an old road that starts behind the Guadalupe Administrative Site. Due to last summer's fires, that too was closed. As a last resort we drove to the Guadalupe Rim Road and headed to a random road we found marked on the map: FR 5530.

It turned out to be not the most interesting hike, but still it was nice to get outside.
Noelle Walking Parker
We hiked to the North Well,
North Well
and then backtracked and continued to follow FR 5530 until it dead-ended at a meadow. There was a weird pole sticking out of the ground there.
We ate a snack and relaxed for a bit before heading back to the car. Along the way we did see some western tanagers and on the drive back home I saw a rattlesnake sunning itself in the Dark Canyon Road along with a tarantula.    

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