Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Battlefield: Stonewall Jackson Shrine

Yesterday I left Washington, DC as my training was over. Originally Noelle and I had planned that she and Sierra would meet me in DC and we would walk around and tour the monuments and memorials. However Noelle was not feeling well, plus rain was in the forecast. Instead, I took the train into Fredericksburg where I met Noelle and Sierra. We spent last night at Noelle's brother's house in Woodford, Virginia. Woodford just happens to be the site of the Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Shrine, the house where Jackson died. It is a unit of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Battlefield and so Noelle and I decided to pay a visit today.

We left Parker at the house so we could more thoroughly enjoy the site. There was a stone monument outside the home marking it as the place of Jackson's death.
Stonewall Jackson Monument
The home itself was open and so we took a look inside.
Outside Home
On the bottom floor was an office.
Inside Jackson House
On the upper floor was the room in which Jackson died.
Bed where Jackson Died
He had been shot by a fellow Confederate soldier in an accidental act of friendly fire. We browsed around the rest of the interior of the home and then headed back outside.
Behind Home
The shrine is a small but interesting site and I would recommend a visit.       

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