Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Grunwald's 2014 Christmas Tree Adventure

Today was the day for the Grunwald's annual Christmas Tree hunting trip. This year's adventure was a little bit different than that of previous years though. We went back to Frosty Mountain Tree Farm where we had gone last year. However, this year we went to lunch before headed to the tree farm and our lunch spot was very appropriate. We ate at the Choo Choo Cafe in Erwin, TN.
choo choo cafe
It is a furniture store where you sit amongst the furniture displays. The food was pretty good, but the highlight of the place is the train and Christmas town displays which we all really enjoyed looking at.
looking at trains
more christmas display
speeding train

After eating we made the short drive to the tree farm where we bought a nice specimen of Fraser Fir.
our tree
Noelle and Sierra on trail
excited about tree
It was a good day for tree hunting as it was warm, yet there was still a little bit of snow in shady areas.
Sierras boots in snow
We've already got the tree set up in the living room and Sierra is really excited about it. She even got to put on some new ornaments and they're Thomas ones!
Sierra decorates tree
Today was a great start to our Christmas holiday season.         

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