Monday, December 15, 2014

Ijams Nature Center: Jo's Grove and Secret Pond Trail

With Mom and Dad in town we decided to head over to Knoxville for the day. Our first stop was the always amazing Ijams Nature Center. We checked out the exhibits inside and then headed over to the nature play area which they call Jo's Grove.
nature play area
There is a construction project of some sort going on at Jo's Grove, but enough of the area is still open that we were able to explore it a bit and Sierra had a fun time going inside the cabin
looking out 2
and some of the artistic structures there.
Sierra in ring
sitting on log

After playing, we headed over to the Secret Pond Trail. We hiked the short trail,
not knowing what it led to. It turns out that it led to an unimpressive old stock pond that whose waters were covered with a thin green coating of duck weed. There was a chimney nearby, along with a bench that Pop-Pop used to rest his aching knees.
pop pop resting
After a short rest,
family on trail
we returned to the car and then drove into Knoxville for dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe and a walk around downtown.         

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