Monday, August 10, 2015

Cherokee National Forest: Swimming Paint Creek

It was a hot morning and Noelle, Sierra and I all wanted to get out of the house for a bit. We decided a swim would be a good way to spend the afternoon and so we packed up our swimming gear and some snacks and headed over to Paint Creek.
Sierra in car
We ate a picnic lunch at the Love Road Picnic Area
eating lunch
and headed down a convenient path that led from our picnic site to Paint Creek.
Paint Creek

We spent the afternoon wading in the water.
in the creek
bathing beauties
Sierra spent the whole of an hour and a half in the water.
Daddy and Sierra
She seemed cold at times but refused to get out. She pretended to be a bear and tried to catch some of the fish that swam around our feet. She never did catch any though. At one point she said "I never want to leave this place"!
Sierra and Mommy sitting on rock
Sierra by herself
Yes, I believe that Sierra had a good time. Noelle and I did too!

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luksky said...

Sierra is a cutie! I prefer to swim in a nice refreshing, cold creek as opposed to a warm, sticky, jelly-fish infested ocean any day!