Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pisgah National Forest: Log Hollow Falls and "Kissing Falls"

Today was "Daddy Appreciation Day aka DAD" due to my upcoming birthday. I decided I wanted to head over to North Carolina to have a beer and go for a hike. Sierra Nevada's tasting room is closed for a few days, so instead we headed over to Brevard to have a beer at Oskar Blues. The CHUBwagon food cart was operating at Oskar Blues so Noelle and I each got a very tasty burger and split some fries. We also had some tasty beers.

After our late lunch we headed into the Pisgah National Forest up past Sliding Rock and the Cradle of Forestry to Forest  Road 475B. We turned left and then wound our way down to a closed Forest Road 5043.
At the gated road was a Forest Service interpretive sign
mgmt sign
and the trailhead for our hike to two waterfalls. We hit the trail immediately.
Sierra and Mommy on the trail
Sierra decided she wanted to walk, but we brought the backpack just in case she got tired. Pretty quickly the trail passed through an open area that is obviously used for camping.
walking through grassy area
Once we headed back into the woods we noticed a lot of large galls growing on the shrubs that lined the trail.
one of many galls

Soon we came to our first waterfall: Log Hollow Falls.
log Hollow Falls
It's a nice cascade just a few short feet off the road. A trail leads closer to it, but the view is not much better than what you can get from the road. After checking out the falls and looking downstream from the bridge,
on bridge
we moved on.
after bridge
At this point Sierra decided that she wanted to run.
running away
She probably ran about a half mile altogether.
the runner
We stopped to admire the waterfall called "Kissing Falls" on the Romantic Asheville website.
Kissing Falls
We even kissed there! Then we turned around to return to the car. Sierra ran a good portion of the way back to the car
still running
and could not decided whether or not to wear her mittens. At one point her hands got cold enough that she decided to wear them.
putting on mittens
It was a long drive back to Greeneville, but we had a wonderful day!

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