Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fort Washington Park

It's cherry blossom time in the Washington, DC area! While Noelle, Sierra and I opted to avoid the big crowds near the tidal basin, we got a chance to see some cherry trees blooming at Fort Washington Park, just south of our nation's capital.
cherry blossoms
under cherry tree
We woke up in Staunton, Virginia this morning and made the drive east to the DC area. Then we headed south to Fort Washington, Maryland. We arrived at the park hungry and ate lunch in the parking lot
parking lot picnic
before beginning our exploration of the fort, formerly the Warburton Manor estate.
warburton manor

After lunch we passed Battery Decatur
Battery Decatur
and checked out the visitor center, inside the old Commandant's House.
yellow house
We stamped our passport books and headed out to the fort.
fort entrance
You pass over a dry moat, through a large door
walking into fort
and into the parade grounds. We checked out the fort jail
in jail
and then headed down into the casemate.
old casemate door
After climbing back up to the parade grounds we admired the view from the gun positions.
old cannon
There was a great view of the interior of the fort
and down to an old battery.
people exploring
We walked around some,
Sierra and Noelle walking
exploring little nooks and crannies of the fort.

Soon we headed out of the fort itself and down a hill towards the Potomac River.
We stopped at the battery we could see from the fort.
daddy and Sierra
There were two large earthen rooms that I'm guessing were ammunition magazines.
Then we headed down to lighthouse 80.
After looking at the lighthouse we climbed the hill back towards the visitor center and past the fire control tower
Fire Control Tower
to the parking lot for the resumption of our trip to New Jersey. It was another great off-the-beaten-path visit to the DC area!

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