Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Voyageurs National Park: Paddling Reuter Creek

The forecast called for calm winds this morning and so we got the canoe strapped onto the top of the car and headed over to the boat ramp at the Rainy Lake Visitor Center. We put in to Black Bay, and headed southeast along the shoreline of the Kabetogama Peninsula towards Reuter Creek.
in the canoe
Along the way we saw a few loons, ducks and leeches. At campsite R65 we turned left into Reuter Creek and started up the slow moving stream.

We crossed into the boundary of Voyageurs National Park
boundary marker
and almost immediately passed a beaver lodge.
beaver lodge
No sign of the resident beaver though. Sierra got out the net she had brought along to catch aquatic creatures.
paddle and net
She was not successful in catching anything, but she did have fun trying. We paddled further and further upstream,
Daddy and Sierra
passing a mother duck and her chicks,
until we came to a beaver dam across the creek.
beaver pond
The dam would be our turnaround point and we started to make our way back downstream.
Mommy and Sierra paddling

By the time we approached the campsite,
Park boundary
Reuter Creek campsite
we were quite hungry and so we stopped on shore for a break and a snack.
eating snack
The campsite was pleasant.
view from Reuter Creek campsite
There were some wildflowers blooming here and there.
purple flowers
pink flowers
There were also some ripe blueberries.
However, I would say we're probably a week or two away from peak ripe berries. After resting for a bit, we headed back out onto the water. We hugged the shoreline of the Kabetogama Peninsula a little bit more closely for the return paddle and Sierra and I saw a curious otter peek its head out of the water to get a closer look at us. A slight headwind picked up as we neared the boat ramp, but nothing we couldn't handle!

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