Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rainy Lake Bike Trail: International Falls to Ranier

I guess I am a bit of a completionist. I just had to see what I've been missing on the section of the Rainy Lake Bike Trail between International Falls and Ranier; the part of the trail I've not yet explored. So today, election day,
vote today
I set out to explore this section of trail, not on bicycle, but on foot. In fact, my walk today would take me right to my polling place at the community center in Ranier.

It was a clear, brisk morning as I set out. I parked at the chamber of commerce building near the border crossing
backlit welcome sign
and headed past the sprawl of the log yard.
trail near mill
I noticed many posts that have been set in place that will one day hold interpretive panels.
future exhibit
They've been in place for quite a while now. I wonder when the exhibit panels will be attached. I crossed a creek on a snowmobile bridge
creek view
and headed further east, past the Minnesota DNR office.
The next section of trail had many road crossings.
trail near Ranier
I then cut through a small patch of woods
into the woods
and into Ranier where I cast my vote. It's a secret ballot so I won't divulge who I voted for in the presidential election. I will tell you that I didn't vote for the candidate whose last name begins with T and ends with rump. This election is too yuge to vote for a loser, and besides, that guy's just nasty.

After casting my vote, I started to make my way back to the car. I took a slightly different route back, cutting through some pleasant neighborhoods and following closely to the Rainy River once I got back to the Voyageurs National Park headquarters. There were nice views out across to Fort Frances, including the lookout tower
Tower in Canada
and the abandoned mill complex.
I arrived back at the car just before noon for the drive back home.

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