Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Voyageurs National Park: Skiing the Rainy Lake Recreation Trail

With snow falling outside,
I figured it was time that I got back on my skinny skis for the first time since I skied extremely marginal conditions on Roan Mountain on the North Carolina/Tennessee border back in January of 2014. It was pretty amazing how quickly the technique came back. While conditions weren't optimal, there was enough snow to make first tracks and glide.
on skinny skis
The views off to the side of the trail were pretty awesome too!
view of Krause Bay
I think I will make skiing the Recreation Trail a regular activity. That is, just as long as footprints and other uses do not making skiing too hazardous. After all, the trail is open to multiple uses and is not groomed for skiing. This first ski trip for the season has me thinking about future adventures across the frozen surface of Rainy Lake to Oveson's Fish Camp and Cranberry Bay.

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