Monday, February 6, 2017

Voyageurs National Park: Bushyhead Island Snowshoe Circumnavigation

It was snowing pretty steadily when we woke up this morning, but eventually we were able to get going and head out for some adventure. There was about 3 inches of new snow on the ground when we made the drive out to the Rainy Lake Ice Road and headed over to its current end, near Bushyhead Island. We strapped the snowshoes on our feet
Sierra and Grandma
and set off in pursuit of adventure!
Sierra snowshoes to Bushyhead
snowshoeing on lake
Our first stop was the mine adit.
Bushyhead entrance

This time I went as far inside as I could before it started to get too warm to form ice.
Noelle and Sierra in adit
I didn't want to break through and get my feet wet and so at the point the ice started to make cracking sounds, I turned around. I did spy a hibernating bat at the turnaround point. There were also some really cool icicle stalagmites.
We headed out of the adit
Sierra and Noelle outside entrance
and  and started to make our way around Bushyhead Island in a clockwise direction.
3 snowshoers
Sierra and her tree
There were some cool cliffs on the northern side of the island.

Sierra and Noelle

Sierra and cliff 2
Daddy Sierra and cliff
At the east side of the island we found a gently sloping hill
hiking up Bushyhead
that I followed to a great view from the summit of the hill there.
View from Bushyhead summit
Sierra followed me partway up
and even enjoyed rolling down a short portion of the hill. Then we started to make our way back to the car. Sierra got in her obligatory snow angel
snow angel
before we made it back to the Subaru.

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