Friday, November 10, 2017

Manka Trails Snowshoe/Walking Trail

I had an extra day off today for Veterans' Day and so Noelle, Sierra and I took advantage by heading over to the local Manka Trail for a walk in the snow. There is a groomed and lighted ski trail loop, along with a walking trail, which is what we traveled on today.
Sierra starts her hike
Sierra wanted to wear her snowshoes and seemed exited to hit the trail.
Sierra and Noelle
However, it seems like her energy quickly wanes in the snow and soon enough she was lying in the snow and begging to be carried.
laying down in the snow
We took off her snowshoes and I carried them. Still, Sierra needed some extra motivation. We buried her in snow for a bit
buried in snow
and then ended up playing hide-and-seek as we went along the trail.
The promise of hot chocolate was the last bit of motivation needed to get Sierra moving to the end of the trail.

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