Monday, July 2, 2018

Zippel Bay State Park

After last night's storms, and a restful night's sleep,
sleeping Sierra
we awoke to a beautiful clear morning. We ate breakfast and explored the campground area a bit. Sierra and I found some ripe wild strawberries.
wild strawberries
Yum! We also found lots of blueberries, but most of them aren't quite ripe yet. About mid-morning we headed out to do some exploring and swimming at the beach area. We walked along the beach to see what we could find.
walking beach
It was quickly warming up, and so walking in the water to cool our feet seemed the logical thing to do.
standing in water
We walked as far as a driftwood shelter
driftwood shelter
and then started to make our way back to the main swimming area.
Sierra and Noelle walk beach

When we arrived at the swimming area, it was of course, time for a swim. Sierra practiced her new swim skills a bit.
swimming Sierra
We also found life in the waters: dragonfly larvae
dragonfly larva
and tadpoles.
The beach was mostly pleasant, except for the biting flies. Eventually the flies drove us back to our campsite where we packed up our still wet tent, ate lunch and then hit the road for the return to International Falls.

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