Saturday, March 21, 2020

Scotts Bluff National Monument: Social Distancing/Hiking the Summit Road

We, like a lot of other folks right now, have been feeling cooped up in the house. With nice weather, we felt the desire to get out and get a little fresh air and exercise and so we headed over to "the Monument" for a hike along the Summit Road, which is currently closed to vehicular traffic. With a wide roadway, we figured the road would allow for plenty of room for social distancing in this time of Covid 19.

We arrived to a parking lot that was more packed with cars than usual. Even as we approached the monument, we could see people, little specks from a distance, hiking the trails. We parked in the far section of the lot and started our way on the road.

Hiking the road gave us a different perspective of Scotts Bluff and Mitchell Pass compared to what we are used to.
Soon we approached the first tunnel.
The view looking out of the tunnel was fantastic!
Then we moved on towards tunnel 2.
You can look out of tunnel 2 back towards tunnel 1 for a really interesting view.

Near tunnel 3 we stopped to admire the view.
There would be plenty more opportunities to stop and admire the view.
Once we reached the summit, we walked out to the South Overlook.
Then we headed over to one of the North Overlooks, with a nice view of Gering.
Then we walked down via the Saddle Rock Trail. It was pretty busy at the bottom.
Perhaps not the best place to be for social distancing.

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