Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fort Knox Treasure

Finally got out of the house for a little adventure. It had been way too long. Well today was supposed to be 70 degrees and so we just couldn't spend the day inside. We drove out to the Louisville Metro and went for two short hikes at Fort Knox. While we didn't get to see the vault where all the gold is kept, we did see some wildflowers,


and a few cave entrances.

We also had the opportunity to hike along the old Louisville and Nashville Turnpike.
A great day to be outside. After our hiking excursion it was on to the Bluegrass Brewing Company where we sampled some of their brews and ate a good lunch, then back to Lexington.
Really starting to look forward to the end of school. When school is over there will be much more time for exploration! 

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