Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today I had the itch to do some walking. I wanted to go somewhere interesting and explore some type of natural area, yet I didn't feel like burning precious gasoline. I decided to put on my shoes and go for a walk around the ol' neighborhood. I ended up walking over to the nearby outfitter, Phillip Galls, where I bought myself a pair of brand new Chacos sandals. My old Tevas had 7 years and probably a thousand miles on them. It was definitely time for some new footwear. What I like about the Chacos is that when they start to get worn out, you can send them back to the factory to get resoled. That, of course, means less waste. As for the old Tevas, I did some research and figured out that if I can get to a specially designated Nike dealer, I can recycle them. Noelle and I were planning a possible trip down around the Smokies region and there is a Nike Outlet store there that will accept them. A cool program, it almost makes me want to buy my first pair of Nikes since high school.

Anyway after my hour of blatant consumerism, I walked along Richmond Road on the shoulder, where cars zoomed past just inches away. Then it was on to Ashland: The Henry Clay Estate where I walked the grounds and took some photos. I walked back via Fontaine and on to Dead Pedestrian Boulevard aka Richmond Road and past the reservoir where I spied some cool birds and turtles. Not a bad day, but the real adventure will begin next weekend!

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