Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big South Fork: Hippy Cave and Pickett State Park Arch

Since school started It's been difficult finding the time for adventure (other than the bike ride to school in which I'm almost hit by inattentive motorists daily). With Friday's colloquium session cancelled, I was finally able to get out of Lexington for a little outdoors time. After my science test, I hopped on the ol' Hard Rock and headed home where I packed up and hit the road. I made it to Pickett State Park by 3:00, reserved a campsite, and headed to a spot marked on my map as "Hippy Cave".
Hippy Cave turned out to be not all that exciting,
but at least I was outside in the fresh air,
on one of the most beautiful days of the year.
After Hippy Cave I went back to the campsite. It was still relatively early so I decided I would hike one of the trails that begins near the compground. I chose to hike the Lake Trail. It was a good decision, as I got to see the rumored second natural bridge of Pickett State Park. This one was a true natural bridge with part of a lake underneath. 
After the hike, I made some dinner and did some reading before going to bed.

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