Friday, June 26, 2009

Waterfalls and Trails West in Casper, Wyoming

Of course it would not be a proper set of days off for Noelle and me without at least a little bit of rain. Sure enough we awoke to gray skies and some very light rain this morning. After breaking camp, our first order of business was to find Garden Creek Falls and Rotary Park. After a short drive around the southern end of town, we finally found the elusive falls.
They were quite pretty, but we could not find the trailhead for the 5 mile trail reputed to exist here. We walked a short path, got buzzed by some hummingbirds, and then got back on the road. It was probably just as well that we didn’t hike, as rain seemed eminent.

We headed up to the north side of town and the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center.
Wow! This place is really amazing. If you’re into Oregon Trail history like I am, this place is a must visit. The exhibits inside are really well done. There is a multimedia presentation that is top notch, and a simulated river crossing that is really cool. Noelle and I were both really impressed with the site. It was well worth the $6 we each paid for admission.

From the interpretive center we got some lunch and then hit the road heading east. Along the way we stopped at a few Historic Trail sites that were listed in the Auto Tour Route Interpretive Guide that we picked up.
Our first stop was the grave of Ada Magill, a child who died while emigrating in 1864. From there we headed further east to the town of Glenrock. We scoured Rock in the Glen for carvings and found just a few.
We then headed over to the city park to look at some interpretive panels. After that we headed back home. It was another good weekend!

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