Friday, August 14, 2009

Wind Cave National Park: John McDill Memorial Run

Tonight Noelle, myself, Mike Kali, and Nick (Team Springtails) ran in the McDill Memorial Run. It’s a 10.2 mile relay in which each member must run at least one mile and at most five miles. Each team must have at least two members, but we were glad to have the maximum of five because it meant each person had to run a shorter distance. Nick ran the lead off leg in pretty quick time.
He handed off to Mike, who handed off to Kali. Kali passed the baton on to Noelle who passed it on to me for the anchor leg.

Our team came in last, but we had a lot of fun. I was pleased with how well I ran, especially considering I had done little to train for it. I timed two miles of the approximately 2.5 miles that I ran and was on a sub-7 minute mile pace. Not bad, especially considering I had a brutal uphill section in my run. After it was over there was watermelon, Dr. Pepper, and Twizzlers at the finish line. Team Springtails then went over to Nick and Kali’s for a delicious dinner.

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Todd Fife said...

Hey guys, arch idiot Todd Fife here . . . I just stumbled onto your blog. Just wanted to say hi and hope you make it back to Kentucky (or as one of your commenters put it, "Kensucky.") once in awhile.