Sunday, January 31, 2010

Real Northlanders

Noelle says that she's a "real Northlander" now. Her reason she assures me, is that she has eaten lutefisk, owns XC-skis, and has even now attended a dogsledding race. Today marked the start of the John Beargrease sled dog Marathon and Noelle and friends Amy and Jami got to see the start off jean Duluth road here in Duluth. I was on a trip with Special Olympics in Wausau, Wisconsin so I didn't get to see the start. I did however, get to see the first checkpoint of the race on a cold night outside of Two Harbors.

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Still Wandering said...

That's about as "real" as it gets! Glad you guys are settling in nicely, sounds like your job is getting you on boards often too! Awesome!