Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back to Perrot State Park

For the Easter weekend Noelle and I headed down south to Galesville to spend the holiday with family. I must say it is really amazing what a difference 200 miles and no cold water lake makes. While the grass in Duluth is brown, the breezes cold, and the trees budless; here in Galesville it really feels like spring. Birds are chirping, the grass is green, shrubs are starting to leaf out, and most importantly flowers are blooming!

We decided to spend our Saturday in Perrot State Park on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. The last time we visited this park conditions were quite different. Anyway, today we hiked in the warm sun and saw our first wildflowers of the season: some rue anemone and pasque flower.
We hiked up to Perrot Ridge where we were treated to a wonderful overlook of the Mississippi and the surrounding bluffs. Then we headed back down to the car. Another successful day out of doors.

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