Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The DWP "Trail"

I had read a little blurb online about the DWP Trail in Duluth. On Google Maps it is shown as the Grant in Aide Trail, but in all actuality the trail does not exist. Parts of the old railroad grade are used in a network of snowmobile trails. I think that it would make a great bicycling trail even though it runs parallel to the already in existence Willard Munger Trail. Some careful research even revealed that a portion of the railroad grade even runs through a tunnel through Ely's Peak.

Today we did not go to the tunnel, but Noelle, Parker and I did go for a short walk on the old railroad grade before we lost it inside the Spirit Mountain complex. The section where we lost the trail, however, turned out to be the most interesting part of our walk. We paralleled what we believe is Knowlton Creek and were treated to nice views of pretty little waterfalls and cascades.

Eventually we made it to Grand Avenue. We crossed the road and hiked back to where we parked the car near the Lake Superior Zoo.

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