Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Round Mountain G

Round Mountain

The guilt from yesterday's illegal ascent of Sierra Blanca was really eating away at me this morning. While I had originally planned to attempt ascents of two different mountains today, I revised my plans a bit and decided to only make an ascent of Round Mountain G, another mountain (more of a hill really) that I had gotten details about on Summitpost.

I drove through the Mescalero reservation and out of it into the foothills. Today I was unsure about the land ownership of the area I planned to hike, but at least I knew Round Mountain was not on the reservation. There is a heavily used trail leading up Round Mountain and I decided I would take my chances. the trail was quite steep, but it was short and I soon found myself on Round Mountain's summit.
Round Mountain Cross

It was adorned with a large wooden cross and around the base of the cross were some river cobbles with words written on them.
Weird Painted Rocks

As far as I can tell it seems to me that locals write words that represent a failure in their lives or an area of their life which they would like to improve on on these rocks and carry them up Round Mountain as a sort of sacrifice.

After a few minutes on the summit I made my way off the mountain and back to the car. Then it was back to Carlsbad.  

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