Monday, October 3, 2011

Guadalupe Peak, Texas

This morning, after a delicious breakfast at the Pecos River Café, myself along with my friends Robbie and Chris headed south into Texas for an ascent of Guadalupe Peak. It would be Chris’ first attempt at the summit of Texas, but Robbie and I had both hiked up Guadalupe Peak before. My most recent ascent being just about a month ago when I successfully summated both Guadalupe Peak and El Capitan in one day. 

This trip up the peak would be different than my last. While my last trip was a solo affair, I had some great company for this one. The hike was done at a nice leisurely pace with lots of stops for rest and conversation.
Eric on the Trail

Robbie in the Guads

Having good hiking companions sure makes the time fly by. Before I knew we were standing next to the stainless steel pyramid which marks the summit.
The Fearsome Threesome

We rested up there for a bit, read the register and were visited by a curious and hungry little mouse. 
Summit Mouse
For the descent back to the parking lot we amused ourselves by telling jokes, one of which was about an hour in length. As we approached the parking lot and trailhead we each made our best guestimate as to our arrival time at the vehicles. Overall it was one of the best hikes I’ve been on in a long time!
El Capitan

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