Tuesday, November 29, 2011

La Cueva Trails

Today Noelle and wanted to gt out and do some hiking but wanted to stay close to home. Well, you can't go for a hike any closer to home than the La Cueva Trails which are located just down Standpipe Road from our house. We packed a pack with water and made the short drive to the rough road and parking lot before we hit the trail.
Noelle Hiking La Cueva

The La Cueva trails are, admittedly, not the most scenic around. Still it was nice to get out and go for a hike in the Chihuahuan desert
Fishhook Barrel

and we did find a few interesting things. We saw several cactus wren nests that had been built in cholla cacti.
Nest in Cholla

We also saw a pair of "wild" horses on the trail.
Wild Horse

We saw a black-tailed jackrabbit and a few birds like a mockingbird and some juncos. In addition, the interesting geology of the Guadalupe Mountains was on display. Lots of interesting pieces of limestone like this one filled with pisolites.

I had mountain biked these trails about 8 years ago when I had first gotten my Specialized Hardrock and if I had the money I would buy a new bike to ride these trails. For now though, I'll just have to settle for walking them.

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what katie did said...

This blog is interesting . I love traveling ,and I like animals and nature. The photos are amazing :)

Greetings, from Argentina :)