Friday, November 11, 2011

Lubbock, Texas

Today I had a doctor's appointment in Lubbock, Texas so Noelle and I woke up at 5 am, packed the car full of recyclables and headed into the Lone Star State. We forgot about the time zone change as we headed into Texas, but we were still somehow able to make the appointment on time. We got lucky that we left with plenty of time to spare.

The actual doctor's appointment was short so we had some time to explore town a little bit.
Noelle and Big Glasses

Our first stop was the Buddy Holly Center where we visited a statue of Buddy and toured the small but interesting museum there.
Buddy and Maria Elena Holly Park

Then we went to Lubbock Cemetery to visit Buddy Holley's grave.
Buddy Holley's grave

From there we headed back towards the Buddy Holly Center to a brewpub restaurant called Triple J. The beer was just okay but the food was pretty good. From the brewpub we drove to the recycling center to get rid of our glass and steel. We then visited the nearby Prairie Dog Park to see the sad prairie dogs in their concrete enclosure.
Prairie Dog Park

Prairie Dog at Burrow

There was no grass there for them but someone was spreading around slices of bread for the rodents to eat. Finally we did some shopping before heading back to Carlsbad.   

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