Monday, July 23, 2012

Lincoln National Forest: Sitting Bull Falls Cave

Sitting Bull Falls
Surprisingly, I was able to get a permit for Sitting Bull Falls today, the day of our trip. Noelle, Robby and I headed into the national forest after lunch. We arrived at the parking lot and headed over to the falls. It was the first time Noelle and I had been there in years. From near the base of the falls we walked through some shallow, flowing water to the base of the falls and a wall of travertine.
Robby Near Falls
Noelle Climbs to Cave
Then we started to make our way up the cliff wall.
Robby Climbs to Cave
Noelle Climbs
There were some old steps that had been carved into the rock. Still, it was quite slippery.

Cave Sign
We slowly made our way up the cliff to the cave and headed inside.
Eric Noelle in Cave
Water covered the entire floor.
Eric and Formations
In some places it was quite deep. We walked around the entire cave with some impressive formations and even some cave pearls.
Robby and Formation
Cave Pearls
After a while Robby and I decided to head into one of the deep areas.
Robby Eric in Water
Robby in Deep Water
The water was cold!
Cold Water
Then we carefully headed down out of the cavern.   
Exit Hike
We got back to the car and drove back into Carlsbad. Then we headed to Kaliedoscoops for some ice cream!


Pam and Wayne said...

That looks like the coolest thing to do! Is "climbing" experience necessary for this excursion or is it just take it easy and use common sense?

Eric and Noelle Grunwald said...

Pam and Wayne, Some caving experience necessary along with a permit from the Forest Service office. Thanks for reading.