Monday, December 31, 2012

New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum

This morning Noelle and I packed up the car and then the whole family loaded up and we hit the road, due west for Las Cruces. We made pretty good time considering we had a dog and an infant baby. We stopped for lunch and gas in El Paso and made it to the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum by 2.

At the entrance to the museum we were greeted by a pair of great horned owls.
Owls in Rafters
They have apparently taken up residence in the rafters above the entrance.
Great Horned Owl
Once in the museum our first stop at the was the outdoor area where there were lots of different animals. We saw some goats,
Angora Goat
Meeting a Horse
Navajo Sheep
burros, and cows.
Mean Bull
We even got to see a cow milking demonstration.
Milking Demonstration
I think Sierra really enjoyed the milking demo.
Watching the Milking Demo

After touring the outdoor areas we headed back across a bridge to the indoor exhibits.
Old Bridge
My favorite was an exhibit about New Mexico's centennial which featured, amongst other things, a display of every single license plate New Mexico has used. There was another exhibit about the history of farming and ranching in New Mexico, and yet another about John Deere tractors.
Noelle on Tractor
We enjoyed our visit to the museum. Sierra enjoyed it so much that it really tired her out.
Sleeping Sierra

After touring the museum we checked into our hotel and then headed out for dinner at High Desert Brewing.               

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