Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Grunwald's Christmas Tree Hunting Trip 2012

Yesterday I went to the Forest Service office in Carlsbad and picked up a permit to cut down a Christmas Tree.
Christmas Tree Permit
Last year we drove up to Cloudcroft where we cut down a Douglas fir. This year it would be a pinyon pine as there aren't any firs or spruces in the Guadalupe Ranger District. We loaded up the car and made the drive through the low desert and then up into the forest.
Sierra in Car Seat
Our first stop was Forest Road 54 where we parked on a side road. Noelle fed Sierra there while I unsuccessfully looked for a decent tree.

From there we backtracked and then headed up Forest Road 540 to 540B. We parked along the side of FR 540B, ate lunch and then headed out to look for a tree.
Noelle and Sierra
The pickings were slim, but eventually I found this nice pinyon just off the side of the road. We took a family photo at our Christmas tree
Family Photo
The Kiss
and then I cut it down.
Cutting the Tree
Eric and Cut Tree
I realized it was heavier than we had thought it would be, so we went back to get the car and drove the car to the tree. I loaded up on top and used the tie downs I had bought yesterday.
Tree on Car
They worked out well. Soon we were on the road to home to set the tree up.        

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Linda W. said...

How fun! I just helped my nephews cut a xmas tree during Thanksgiving weekend.